Thursday, 10 June 2010

A good reason for me to enable comment notifications!

Some of you may be familiar with my little Guy Sebastian/Twitter fiasco.. I won't go into detail, but basically, I did a nights work of stage tech for his sound guy. The show was mind-numbingly awful, and they made me stay about two hours extra and pack up all their backline while they all just floated around being useless. As anyone who works in what I do would, I checked the fridge to see if there was anything left before I left (as I thought everyone had gone) and grabbed a few beers. I also nicked a roll of gaff that was also left behind. Anyone who works in production will verify that this happens ALL the time, and is hardly out of the ordinary.

On the train on the way home, I tweeted my feelings regarding my night of experiences, perhaps a little enthusiastically, and forgetting the extraneous nature of Twitter. Come Monday morning, I received a rather irate phone call from Anatole Day, the Guy's douchebag sound guy/production manager telling me that apparently someone had called Guy's management, Festival Hall and the audio company telling them all about the stage guy who had been saying not nice things about the show.

I will admit that it was probably poor judgement on my part, and a lapse in my normal perfect professionalism. My tweets are still there for all to see, if anyone's curious, but honestly, I didn't say anything that bad. (Except maybe that it was "so awful I wanted to stab my eyes out with a fork"). But even still, it was all simply me voicing my opinions after work (I did, however, have them protected for a while afterwards).

Ironically, the whole Catherine Deveny debacle reminded me of it somewhat.. Gotta be careful what you tweet huh?

ANYWAY. This morning I noticed a comment from the certain anonymous someone, known only as "Stevo" on one of my earlier blog entries which read as follows...

Blogger Stevo said...

Ode to a wannabe music star

He was a jaded muso working as a stagehand
When all he really wanted was to front the band
With envious eyes he watched backstage
His mind venting and squirming in silent rage
After 7 long years this karaoke show winner
Should be serving him a McDonald's dinner
Not still on stage getting all those cheers
He thought to himself as he swiped some beers
Back home he tweeted about the star and his fans
While sullenly boozing on the stolen cans
Tweets full of malicious jealous stuff
But he didn't know when enough was enough
Boasting about stealing gaffa and a six pack
The stupid tool was asking for the sack
What he did was so very very dumb
He deserved the penalty that was to come
The twit got his just deserts I say
He deserved to go without the pay
23 February 2010 19:26


Whoever you are Stevo, thank you, I did enjoy that very much. However, I am yet to receive any deserts.. Could you inform me of where I might find them? 

(Of course.. Anyone expressing negative feelings towards in regards to a Guy Sebastian show must be jealous, right?).


Carly Findlay said...

I am extremely careful with what I tweet and blog about, because I am aware that I never know who it may reach. However, this carefulness can result in self censorship which may detract from the authenticity and honesty I like to maintain on my blog. It's a catch.
I recently wrote about how Matt Preston's son commented on my appearance. I mulled over it for a while, and then decided to just do it.
I can't imagine a Guy Sebastian concert being any more than dull.

mmuzzle_of_bees said...

Hey there Carly. It was definitely an interesting lesson for me to learn. Amazing how much social media has changed things, isn't it?

I recognise your name from somewhere.. Have we met before?

Thanks for having a read!