Thursday, 10 June 2010

Beck's Record Club -Skip Spence.

I've been absolutely loving one of the latest Record Club offerings from It's recreating Alexander "Skip" Spence's "Oar". Prior to this I knew nothing of Skip Spence, or even who he was. 

Beck's Record Club is awesome.. He gets a bunch of (often random) musicians into a studio and they recreate a classic album in a day, film it, mix it and put it up on I'll admit, I wasn't a massive fan of the Leonard Cohen one, but this one is just great.

In the studio with Beck are Wilco (including Jeff's son, Spencer.. How's that for an awesome day to come to work with Dad?), Jamie Lidell and Lesley Fesit (amongst a few others).

I really love the analogue-ness of the album.. It's all hands on and pretty much old fashioned pure talent. There's some really awesome old-school swampy lo-fi electronic beats going on, which I find so refreshing while everything these days is just more and more computer based. From what you can tell on the videos, it's all outboard gear.. Stomp box and tape glory!

Everyone's having a great time, and it really shows. I reckon this is possibly the coolest thing I've seen Wilco involved in since a ghost is born.

Check it out.

Record Club: Skip Spence "Weighted Down" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

I stumbled across a torrent which had the video and audio all nicely split up.. I'm assuming it's never going to be commercially available due to what I imagine would be an arduous task of clearing it with all respective labels, so I've got a rapid share link for you to download it if you so desire. I recommend. It's fantastic.


MP4 Video

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