Tuesday, 8 December 2009

kitteh musik

Just got a cat the other week, and I've been totally fascinated by the sound of purring. Seriously, it's amazing. Such an interesting sound from such a small animal. Anyhoo, I grabbed my phone the other night with the little fella was sitting on me and recorded it for a little. And then put the sample into Ableton late one night and started fiddling. Here it is, if you're interested..

Kittehmusik by kristofferpaulsen

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

it's all over, dressed up and dressed down..

I was working on a track a couple of months ago.. Which I just listened to again then, and something struck me. Here's the one that was *kind of* finished (with the exception of the awkward drums..).

It's all over (band) by kristofferpaulsen

When I was listening just then in my itunes, it went onto the next version, which was without any of the extra instrumentation.

It's all over (demo) by kristofferpaulsen

After all that, I think I much prefer it without. Funny how that happens. Ugh.

For a free download of both tracks, click through to my Soundcloud.

Here's the lyrics as well.