Tuesday, 8 December 2009

kitteh musik

Just got a cat the other week, and I've been totally fascinated by the sound of purring. Seriously, it's amazing. Such an interesting sound from such a small animal. Anyhoo, I grabbed my phone the other night with the little fella was sitting on me and recorded it for a little. And then put the sample into Ableton late one night and started fiddling. Here it is, if you're interested..

Kittehmusik by kristofferpaulsen

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Stevo said...

Ode to a wannabe music star

He was a jaded muso working as a stagehand
When all he really wanted was to front the band
With envious eyes he watched backstage
His mind venting and squirming in silent rage
After 7 long years this karaoke show winner
Should be serving him a McDonald's dinner
Not still on stage getting all those cheers
He thought to himself as he swiped some beers
Back home he tweeted about the star and his fans
While sullenly boozing on the stolen cans
Tweets full of malicious jealous stuff
But he didn't know when enough was enough
Boasting about stealing gaffa and a six pack
The stupid tool was asking for the sack
What he did was so very very dumb
He deserved the penalty that was to come
The twit got his just deserts I say
He deserved to go without the pay