Tuesday, 1 December 2009

it's all over, dressed up and dressed down..

I was working on a track a couple of months ago.. Which I just listened to again then, and something struck me. Here's the one that was *kind of* finished (with the exception of the awkward drums..).

It's all over (band) by kristofferpaulsen

When I was listening just then in my itunes, it went onto the next version, which was without any of the extra instrumentation.

It's all over (demo) by kristofferpaulsen

After all that, I think I much prefer it without. Funny how that happens. Ugh.

For a free download of both tracks, click through to my Soundcloud.

Here's the lyrics as well.

It’s all over
It’s all over
Put my guns on the ground
I’m throwin in the towel
It’s all over

mother testified reckless,
she convicted God as death on a mattress
mother said sin ignoring trial,
realise death died contended,
husband sounds sickness sentenced

Sunshine jailed an innocent man
a victim pushed to the wall
she struggled guilty To the ground
jailed disconnected suffered on remand

Wipe that look of your face
This was never yours to take
I’ve heard it all before
But I thought you’d try sell me
Something new this time

I feel so old these days
Standing with one foot in the grave
It’s my name on the wall
I can’t go before
It’s all over

(c)Kristoffer Paulsen 2009

1 comment:

little fang said...

I like it better without as well. Still reckon you should give the wall of sound thing a try, though.