Thursday, 19 November 2009

le blog.. rejuvenated and rejigged.

In the past few weeks I've felt like I wanted to start blogging again.. Sharing things that I've found while my wanderings and bumblings. Offering back to the wider community some of the things that help me tick. And some that's just fucking cool.

There's a couple of posts on the way, but in the meantime I thought I'd start things off again with a bit of shameless self-promotion. I've been for a long time thinking that I'd love to combine the two different musical styles that I tend to play to create something a bit less common. These two styles are kinda folkie/alt-country singer-songwriter type stuff, and glitchy laptop electronic music. I've recently been taking part of the 'Max For Live' public beta, which has meant I've been allowed to use a Beta version of M4L. (For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about.. M4L is the result of an agreement between the two companies Ableton and Cycling74, which allows integration of the program MAX/MSP into Ableton Live. A short answer about why anyone would care, is that it means that it is now possible for pretty much anyone to create their own plug-ins and devices for Live, and to be able to share them with anyone else around the world. Cool huh?). I've found the possibilities of this app quite mind-boggling, and extremely conducive to creativity.

I've decided to start making this music under the moniker of "tiny tiger", and here's the first result of me toying with it. It's called "this is a sad song".

this is a sad song  by  kristofferpaulsen

Actually, while I'm posting music.. Here's something else I did this week. It's called "Musik für vier Sänger und einen Bruder" or "Music for Four Singers and a Brother". (But I translated it to German because I'm a big Stockhausen nerd). It's made completely of sewing machine samples. I had the idea for this when Fenella Kernabone said on Twitter that taping someone sewing would be boring. I thought she meant recording the sound, and was mortified (she actually meant videoing. Oops). So I made this. Just to prove her wrong. Dunno if she'll ever actually listen to it. I've been writing a paper on how Stockhausen influenced Miles Davis around the "On The Corner" period (i.e. around 1970), and he was a really fascinating, inspiring composer. Music is everywhere, if we choose to listen to it. 

Have a listen if you like. It's all sewing machine, slowed down, sped up, vocoded, filtered etc etc on Ableton Live. Because I'm a big fat nerd.

Musik für vier Sänger und einen Bruder  by  kristofferpaulsen

Much love! See ya next time! (And it won't just be all me pushing my own music!)

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