Friday, 15 February 2008

home late after considering the world.

I just arrived in after a night of Moonlight Cinema on THAT day of the year.. Yes, I'm talking about Valentines Day. What a crock of shit.

This year, I've decided to firmly defend my views and reject the notion of "yeah you can say you don't believe in Valentine's Day, but your girlfriend will still be pissed at you". Yeah whatever, fuck off, you weakling.

I reject Valentine's Day for the following reasons:-

1) I feel that it's based on a system of rejection. Everyone scrambles to have one, as to not be left out. Everyone that IS left out, sits outside the party wondering what it would be like to be accepted and welcomed into what appears to be this party of loving bliss and perfect acceptance. Everyone who seems to be blissfully enjoying the aforementioned party is nervously eyeing everyone else trying to convince themselves that this is what they actually want.

2) Meanwhile the retailers, card manufacturers, flower distributors, restaurants and anyone else who benefits from the "oh fuck, if i dont do anything then i'll be yelled at" notions that propels the hordes of drones that fall for this, are reaping in profits that not even the other pseudo-religious, gigantuous capitalist mega-fest, Christmas, can match.

It's so horrible. It's such a blatant stab of retail, and capitalism in general, to cash in on "love". For fucks sake people, show love and devotion every other day, not just on some day that some American retail shmuck tells you is the day that you're supposed to spend a stack of money on your "true love".

It was absolutely amazing tonight.. Almost 3000 people squeezed into the space which ideally holds 1200 at Moonlight Cinema. They bought each other wine, they laughed, they dropped rubbish all over the ground like they were too cool, and they even sat through one of the worst films we've screened, all to get a root out of each other. For goodness sake, grow up people. Taking your girlfriend to Moonlight Cinema is not original. Taking your girlfriend to see some horrible, horrible American romantic-comedy is downright freaking terrible.

Anyway. My point is, V-day is awful. Really. I was going to write something else but I can't remember. I think it was about lesbian bars. Or even milk crates. Something from the last 6 hours anyway. Eh.


Jessica Santosa said...

that's pretty passionat hatred. I'm single now but I usually love V day. When I was with someone he woke up early morning, before school to buy me roses, then he pruned them himself and delivered them to my high school, where I'd pick them up at recess (we were 16 and 17).
this V-day, i went to a job interview, got home to practise for a gig and found my house trashed by some pro ransacker looking for some quick drug money. my dad also died 3 months ago....
-- I think I win!

cherryghost said...

I disagree. I think you miss my point. Hatred is a completely different feeling together. What I was expressing was complete revulsion and anger. I, am in a relationship and find v-day shallow and awful. Far more rewarding moments as a couple can be spent when it's you choosing, not the capitalist retail God that many Australians reverently serve.

Awful news about the house and your Father. My most sincere condolences.